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Beginning Improv

PricE $250
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Discover the basics of improv in this introductory class. Through games and exercises that focus on trust, communication, active listening, character, and status, you'll begin to learn improvisational thinking. You will also gain self-confidence, soft business skills, as well as meet new people and have a whole lot of fun. Come play with us!

Level B Improv

PricE $250
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Now that you've finished the Beginning Improv class, and you're comfortable in your own skin to sustain a scene now. Delve into character development and relationship work. Learn what is is to heighten a scene and make bold choices. Learn to use offers to enhance a scene.

Prerequisite: Beginning Improvisation or equivalent. Contact us with any questions.

Level C improv

Price $250
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Short Form Improv. Once you've finished our basic scene work class, you will now learn over 25 short form games. 

Level D improv

Price $250
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Long Form Improv. This class extends what you learned in Level B into long form improv pieces.

Classes will be at:
Convergence Art Center
1345 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

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Artistic Director

JEFF RINGGOLDstarted his improv career over 30 years ago. He's one of the founding members of The San Jose ComedySportz, CSz. He then moved to L.A. and played for CSz in Santa Barbara and L.A. While still doing short form improv with CSz and National Comedy Theatre, Jeff studied long form improv with iOWest and became a member of their first house team. He has studied improv in L.A., Chicago, and New York and has been mentored by Del Close and Jonathan Winters. 

He now is the Founder/Artistic Director of American Improv Theatre (AIT) and Founder/Artistic Director of the San Jose Improv Festival. During The past year he has been performing and Directing an Improv Radio Show with AIT.

Jeff also has an extensive acting background. He has performed in a variety of plays and musicals and is a graduate of Theatre Arts from SJSU and ACT. Jeff also studied sketch writing at Groundlings and writing for film at

Jeff has performed and taught Improv all around the world. He loves interacting with people and watching them grow in their confidence and abilities. He feels fortunate to be able to make a career out of doing what he loves.

Chris Shurland.jpg

Associate Artistic Director​

ChriS Shurland has been watching and loving TV sketch comedy since he was in diapers. However, it wasn’t until adulthood that he finally studied comedy and went on to complete the training programs at Second City, iO, and Annoyance Theater in Chicago with some of the pioneers of improv.  Chris also studied physical theater and clowning with Chicago Physical Theater and 500 Clown.


He is truly happy to be part of AIT after playing with several independent and house teams in Chicago, some of which have gone on to perform at the Chicago Improv Festival and beyond.  When not at AIT, Chris is busy traveling with Chicago-based Legends of Public Access teammate John Abbott performing and teaching workshops to improvisers around the country – or is in his office being an attorney.


Chris is excited to work with students to share his love for improv, which he hopes to do until he is once again in diapers.

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